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Hello and Welcome to our story!

Growing up black wasn't easy. Even at a young age in Africa, the women who were regarded as beautiful on T.V were women who had hair that was significantly straighter and less coarse than we did. We founded Elleks as a way to help the next generation of black and brown kids to feel confident in their hair and their bodies and realize that they are just as beautiful and deserving as any of their peers. Our goal is to empower children so that they can grow up being and feeling their best selves.


How it all began: 

After Belle had her daughter, she wanted to be certain that only natural ingredients free of any unnecessary chemicals were used on her daughter’s delicate curls. She soon found that natural products free of chemicals did not exist for her delicate coils.


After a few conversations over movie nights with Akua, Co-Founder, and Fellow Pharmacist, they created Elleks, a company that prides itself with formulations of all-natural baby safe hair products backed by their knowledge in pharmacy. 

Using their backgrounds as pharmacists and driven by enthusiasm for natural hair, they formulated a product that omitted harsh chemicals but perfectly moisturized and fostered growth for coarse hair. 


The ingredients are very simple - Very much so! This is because we do not believe in overwhelming the curls of our little ones. Our products are specially made to leave your kids’ hair soft to the touch, extremely nourished, and certainly moisturized all day long.


Our mission is to help young children of color all around the world feel confident, empowered, and proud of their ethnicity because empowered children grow to become powerful adults.

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