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My 7 Year old daughter's hair grows very slowly.WILL CUTTING AND STARTING ALL OVER HELP GROW IT ?

Welcome to another week on the blog.

This caption stated is one of the most common myths asked by parents who notice their child's hair is either not growing or has become damaged. They've been told by a friend or family member that cutting it and starting over works but is it actually the truth or is it a misconception ?

The simple answer is NO. There is no scientific evidence to support this statement. Hair growth begins at the follicles and hair can only be PRESERVED.

What do I mean?

Once the hair strand moves beyond the surface of the scalp, it is physiologically DEAD. The only thing that can be done at this point is to PRESERVE it as long as you can till it completes it hair cycle and falls off or the unfortunate happens, it BREAKS AND TEARS.

Still on the topic of hair preservation, hair regimens are IMPORTANT to preserving hair strands. Having a regimen allows you to frequently introduce moisture and ultimately protects the cuticles from breakage. If this is done long enough, one will notice growth and fullness of the hair as more of the strands are kept on the scalp to allow them to complete their life cycles.

What is TRUE is the fact that regular TRIMS are actually very helpful and do encourage hair growth. Trimming of the hair is important because it gets rid of single knot strands and split-ends which cause hair breakage. Trims also give the appearance of an instant thicker fuller hair and improves the feel of the hair.

I hope you found this helpful. Send your questions or comments below.

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